Why Does Your Hair Feel Better When You Switch Shampoos?

Do you have the impression that the hair adapts to shampoos and you need to change shampoos now and then?

The fact is that the hair does not adapt to shampoos because it is primarily dead. This so-called adaptation is caused by shampoo build-up.

The major function of shampoos is to clean the hair. Today, however, shampoos also have some film forming or detangling agents to make hair look wonderful and smooth. The problem is that these agents can build up with time. One shampoo usually does not wash off the film forming or detangling agents in itself because these agents make the hair look better by coating it. So they are designed to stay on your hair after you finish washing. The side effects is that your hair might feel flat and dull with build-up. And that gives the feeling that the hair adapts to shampoos. When you change to some other one, that shampoo can usually wash off the build-up caused by the previous shampoo. That is why changing shampoos can sometimes give your hair a boost.

I suggest you use a shampoo that removes build-up once a week and then go back to your favorite shampoo. Just keep in mind that some shampoos that have this claim might be harsh to your hair. I recommend the old good Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo.

(img: Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo)

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  1. Kaush says:

    My sister in law works at a salon, so i’ve had quite a bit of prsfioseonal stlye products, my favorite is Alterna enzymetherapy. They make products with hemp in it and I use the straightening balm which works really good and the spray shine works awesome too. They smell SO good too.

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