Skin Redness Treatment

Cold whether and cosmetic irritation can cause skin redness and slight pain. Here are some simple steps to treat the symptom.

Calm down
You can calm down your skin temporarily just by using a cold compress. This is simple yet effective. Soak a washcloth in ice water or milk, or wrap some ice in a washcloth, and leave it on your skin for several minutes. Do not put ice cubes directly on skin. That is too irritating.

Back to the basics
When your skin is not in good condition, you should limit the use of cosmetics. Use products with real simple formula, such as Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules or Egyptian Magic Cream. They do not have preservatives or fragrance, containing only ingredients that help recover your skin.

Protect yourself
During the day, remember to protect yourself with mineral sunscreens (see 10 Best Sunscreen Products for Sensitive Skin).

In cold and windy whether, protect yourself with a mask.

If the symptom still does not go away, you can either use an over-the-counter cortisone cream, such as Cortaid, or go to your dermatologist. Just remember to stop cortisone use right after you recover because long-term use of cortisone can cause skin aging.

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