A Common Mistake by Contact Lenses Beginners

A friend of mine complained that it was hard to put on contact lenses and with time, it could cause droopy eyelids, wrinkles and saggy skin because she had to keep pulling her skin every time she put on contact lenses. Then I found she was not doing it right. Since some contact lenses starters might make the same mistake, I would like to do a post on this seemingly simple subject.

(img:wear contact lenses)(img:wear contact lenses)

The arrows in the above pictures are the positions of your fingers. The right way is to put your fingers below your upper eyelashes and above your lower eyelashes. It is not an effective way if you put your fingers on your eyelids because you would have to fight your eyelashes to put in your contact lenses. If you do it as I suggest, you almost do not pull your delicate skin; your fingers are only used to push away your eyelashes. Try it; it is going to be easy to put on contact lenses. 🙂

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