Acne Prevention - 5 Things You Must Know

  1. Even low concentrations of comedogenic ingredients can cause acne. This is different from skin irritants and allergens, some of which do not cause problems at very low percentages.
  2. The belief that mineral oil causes acne is both right and wrong. Just give you an example, mineral oil from good sources is less likely to cause acne than olive oil. So why does mineral oil SEEM to cause acne? First, sources of mineral oil do make a difference. Some are acceptable while others are more comedogenic. Second, some other ingredients (e.g. certain pigments) are more likely to cause acne in mineral oil. For example, I tend to have acne if I use a blush containing mineral oil.
  3. There are several forms of vitamin E. A skin care product must tell you which form is used. It is believed that tocopherol is more easily to be absorbed and more bioactive. This does not mean that tocopherol is good for everyone because tocopherol is more likely to cause acne than another commonly used form tocopheryl acetate. So if you have acne, it is best for you to choose products having tocopheryl acetate instead of tocopherol.
  4. Wax, surprisingly, does not cause acne because it does not penetrate into the follicle easily. Preparations of wax is important because some preparations may contain more contaminants or irritants.
  5. The combination of ingredients can sometimes cause acne even if each of them does not. So it is better for a product to be tested before you test it on your own face.

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