7 Less Known but Top Notch Beauty Products

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Note: hydrating products are not the best during harsh winters, but they are must-haves during other seasons.
1. Cosmetic Solutions Hydra B5 Masque
It is not the hydrating effect that makes Cosmetic Solutions Hydra B5 Masque stand out. Cosmetic Solutions Hydra B5 Masque is effective for face tightening and lifting.
2. Arcona Hydrating Serum
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Is Hydrogenated Oil In Skin Care Products Bad For You?

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While hydrogenated oil is increasingly included in skin care products, there is no conclusion about its effects on human skin. My knowledge about hydrogenated oil applied to skin is also limited, but I hope that the following analysis is helpful for you to decide whether you would like to put [Continue reading…]

Which Antioxidants In Sunscreen Add Extra Sun Protection?

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Having antioxidants in sunscreen is appealing, but how much do these antioxidants contribute to extra sun protection? A recent study published in Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology shows that 10 out of 12 sunscreen products claiming benefits from antioxidants have 0 additional protection from antioxidants. Instead, the majority sun protection [Continue reading…]

Massage for Puffy Eyes - Inward or Outward?

Some eye moisturizers are made in the form of eye rollers so that it is easier for us to massage puffy eyes. The instructions of these eye roller massage are not the same. Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage and Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller ask to roll under the eye from [Continue reading…]

A Cheaper Alternative To La Mer - From Yves Rocher

la mer
Crème de la Mer has been criticized by some for its somewhat mundane ingredients, and at the same time, has been considered indispensable by others. Although Crème de la Mer does not have any special anti-aging effects, anybody that endures a long international flight, or goes through a dry and cold winter knows how much [Continue reading…]

Eye Serum For Dags Under Eyes

People have all sorts of expectations for eye cream – moisturizing, de-puffing, reducing dark circles, unwrinkling, anti-aging, etc. But anyone who knows skin care products well understands how tough it is to reduce bags under eyes. Unlike temporary puffiness, fat bags under eyes usually have to go under the knife to be removed.
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Two Skin-Brightening Newcomers

For the past year, there have been some newly developed skin-brightening formulas. SkinMedica adopted 4-ethoxybenzaldehyde into its new skin-brightening product, which helps to reduce redness. According to SkinMedica’s test, this product is more effective than 4% hydroquinone. There is also a new form of vitamin C, 3-O-ethyl ascorbyl ether. Ethyl ascorbyl ether is a more [Continue reading…]

5 Effective Ways To Make Your Hair Naturally Beautiful

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I have summarized the 5 most effective ways to improve hair, starting from the most effective. These methods make a visible difference on your hair. Please comment with your own hair-improving tips.
Replace synthetic shampoos with natural shampoos
Most shampoos today have sulfates and silicones. Sulfates make [Continue reading…]

New Ingredient for Building Collagens And Elastin - Neodermyl

Collagens and elastin are important proteins that provide skin its firmness and elasticity. Skin care products have incorporated ingredients that indirectly help maintain and generate skin collagens and elastin for the past years. The new trend, on the other hand, is to dig into the cellular level [Continue reading…]

6 Best Sunscreen Products for Sensitive Skin

(img:SkinMedica Sunscreen)SkinMedica Environmental Defense Sunscreen SPF 30+

Sunscreen ingredients: 5.5% Octinoxate and 8% Zinc Oxide.
Beneficial ingredients: Oat Kernel Extract, Caffeine, Ceramide, Soybean Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Hyaluronic Acid.
Fragrance Free: Yes.
Paraben Free: No.

(img:Eucerin SPF 30)Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30

Sunscreen ingredients: Octinoxate, Zinc Oxide, Octisalate, Ensulizole, Titanium Dioxide.
Beneficial ingredients: Lactic Acid.
Fragrance Free: Yes.
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14 Dermal Fillers and Their Side Effects

Bovine collagen

Brands: Zyderm I (for superficial wrinkles), Zyderm II (for moderate to deep wrinkles), and Zyplast (for deeper lines, deep acne scars, and lip augmentation). Zyplast lasts longer than Zyderm I and Zyderm II. Avoid Zyplast injection at vascular areas such as between the eye brows.
Approximate longevity: 6 months.
Description and use: bovine collagen has been used for injectable filler for about 30 [Continue reading…]

Sunscreen In A Pill - Polypodium Leucotomos (Heliocare)

Almost nothing blocks 100% of UV unless you always stay in dark. So multiple sun protections are necessary if you really want to avoid photoaging as much as possible. Clothing and sunscreen can block some UV radiation, and topical antioxidant treatments can strengthen skin’s natural capability to fight UV damage. Surprisingly, some dietary supplements build your skin’s natural strength against UV insult [Continue reading…]

Lavender Oil - Watch Out!

Lavender oil is an effective essential oil to provide relaxation. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief that lavender oil is safe and beneficial to your skin, researchers have found that lavender oil is toxic to skin cells at a concentration of 0.25% and above. At the same time, lavender oil shows no scientific evidence to accelerate wound healing or benefit skin.
Although such [Continue reading…]

Which Antioxidants Treat Wrinkles?

Q: Which antioxidants treat wrinkles?
A: The efficacy of antioxidants currently lacks controlled clinical studies in humans. Most antioxidants are scavengers of oxidative stress, which means they prevent wrinkles but not treat wrinkles. This include the most potent antioxidants, such as idebenone, CoffeeBerry® and resveratrol. Often, the ability of most skin care products to improve wrinkles is due to swelling caused by irritation [Continue reading…]

A Common Mistake by Contact Lenses Beginners

A friend of mine complained that it was hard to put on contact lenses and with time, it could cause droopy eyelids, wrinkles and saggy skin because she had to keep pulling her skin every time she put on contact lenses. Then I found she was not doing it right. Since some contact lenses starters might make the same mistake, I would [Continue reading…]