Sally Hansen NEW Nail Products

Sally Hansen has several exciting new nail products — Color Quick
Chrome Pens, Continuous Treatment STRENGTH Formula, GROWTH Formula, and HARDENING Formula.

(img:Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pens)Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pens are improved versions of the previous Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen. They dry faster and do not peel off as easily as Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen does. The 8 colors look metallic. The benefits of the vitamins and UV protector they contain are limited on nails but they are nice choices for those looking for nail pens for easier drawing.

(img:Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment)The three formulas of Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment are actually very similar. They have different beneficial ingredients added but there are only small amounts of them. Nevertheless, Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment can temporally improve and shine the dry brittle nails. They last 10 continuous days. All formulas include vitamin E. The STRENGTH Formula has conchiolin protein; the GROWTH Formula has blue algae; and the HARDENING Formula has coral calcium. Remember that you need to repeat application about every other day.

All the above Sally Hansen nail products are Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde free.

Wishing you beautiful nails!

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