Most Effective AHA Concentrations and pH

According to the book Skin Moisturization, the exfoliation effects of AHA are closely related to AHA concentrations and pH. For drugstore brands, you might find these data on the packages, while for department brands, you can either ask the consultants or call the company. These are important facts. If they refuse to answer, they are not responsible or professional. I usually refuse to use their products in this case because there are a lot of other AHA products in the market.

The following form clearly tells the effective pH range of an AHA product at different AHA concentrations. I hope that you find it a helpful reference.

Group A: effective but more acid than most retail.
Group B: good evidence efficacy.

AHA Concentrations
10% 8% 4%
Group A 3.5-3.9 3.5-3.6 none
Group B 4.0-4.4 3.7-4.2 2.0-4.0

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